Nokia 3310 makeover – the classic best-seller device is back with new design

The latest model was revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona; with a similar design and available in four different colors, Nokia 3310 is more impressive than ever

Available in Warm Red, Yellow, Dark Blue and Grey the new Nokia smart-phone still incorporates the legendary battery of the old model. With 22 hours of talk time, a 2MP camera, 128MB of internal memory, a 2.4-inch display and 2G network accessibility, the model is expected to take over the sales worldwide. Old games enthusiasts have also a reason to be happy, as the Snake game is preinstalled on the new phones.

In the UK, the phone is available exclusively to Carphone Warehouse. The market request is so big that the clients must register to get their hands on one.

The Director of Carphone Warehouse, Andrew Wilson, commented with the occasion of the launch:

The Nokia 3310 is one of the most loved devices of our time and set the bar high when it comes to battery life and resilience, so we’re excited to have it back with a fresh new take. It’s the perfect device for customers on the hunt for a mobile they can depend on at an attractive price point, with all the necessities but stripping back all the extras. This year is shaping up to be an exciting one for Nokia and we’re looking forward to selling Nokia feature and android phones again in 2017.”

For now, the price for the new Nokia 3310 was not revealed by the UK seller, but according to the manufacturer it will not exceed 50 Euros.