North Korea Missile Launch – A Challenge to Trump Administration

The launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile represents a direct challenge to Donald Trump

The missile was launched on Tuesday in North Korea (late Monday in the US); it flew higher and remained longer in the air than all of the previous attempts, enough to reach Alaska, as experts stated. Those who are experts in the field named it a major milestone in North Korea’s weapons program.

This test comes before Trump will see Asian leaders and Vladimir Putin later this week. Moreover, it was already expected that the subject of North Korea will be on the table; however, the test added quite some urgency, further highlighting the US campaign that aims to isolate North Korea.

The following day after the launch, the US army and the South Korean military developed a missile exercise in response to “North Korea’s destabilizing and unlawful actions”. However, it is still unclear how Pyongyang will react to the exercise, which launched missiles into the territory of South Korea waters, along the eastern coastline.

“Together with the Republic of Korea, we conducted a combined exercise to show our precision-fire capability,” said Dana White, a Pentagon spokeswoman.

As a response from Trump, China received applied pressure, while also mocking dictator Kim Jong Un on Twitter.

“North Korea has just launched another missile. Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?” posted Trump soon after the launch took place

“Hard to believe that South Korea and Japan will put up with this much longer. Perhaps China will put a heavy move on North Korea and end this nonsense once and for all!” Trump continued

Since 2006, North Korea conducted not less than 5 nuclear weapons tests, two of which took place last year. The number and variety of the tests worry experts.