Social media helps police arrest burglar

A suspected burglar in West Seneca, NY was caught by the police after social media platforms helped with the investigation

Suspect Danny Butcher was arrested earlier this week, as he was directly connected with a series of burglaries around the neighborhood.

In order to catch him, the police released his photo on Facebook and Twitter social media platforms, asking for users to share it, in the attempt of identification.

As a result, 10.000 people were reached by the post and the police managed to catch the suspect while in a local fast food restaurant. The investigations later revealed that he was in the possession of stolen goods from several locations, both in and out of the city. Danny Butcher was charged with possession of stolen property and trespass and set a $20,000 bail.

NYPD underlined the importance of the community working together with the authorities in order to catch criminals and bring them in front of the law.