Spotify May Allow You to Skip Ads for Free Soon

This feature has already been released in Australia and it allows users to skip as many ads they want

At the moment, Spotify – the app in which you can listen to all the songs you want, even offline – is testing a new feature that allows users to skip both audio and video ads, even if they don’t have a paid subscription.

The feature is known as “Active Media” and has already been released to Australia residents who can now use Spotify for free and skip ads.

When an ad pops out, users will be able to choose if they want to see it or hear it, or simply skip it all together. But what’s the selling point for advertisers? By doing so, the app will know more about what users prefer and will be able to better target advertising in the future.

Here are the best songs on Spotify from 2017:

According to Spotify, this feature is “first of its kind globally” and will let the company “learn from each interaction” and “deliver a more personalized ad experience.”

Even so, we still don’t know for sure if this long awaited feature will be available beyond Australia, but Spotify has billed it as an evolution of its advertising model.