The New Microsoft Surface Go Might Just Beat the iPad

Apple’s iPad is hard to beat but this cheap, tiny tablet from Microsoft might just do it

Finding a good Microsoft Windows device under $500 is hard, but the Microsoft Surface Go might break the patterns.

Until today there was no clear winner, as most devices sacrifice device quality, form or speed in order to reduce the price. However, the Microsoft Surface Go tablet might have them all. The 10-inch tablet looks exactly like the more expensive Surface Pro that everybody loves, and it starts at only $400.

It features 1.800 x 1.200 resolution display and has a 217 PPI, as well as a very nice wide viewing angle. Even more, the device features USB-C, making it the first Surface tablet from Microsoft to have it. It charges via the port, but does not support Thunderbolt 3.

The device looks so good that it tends to distract users from the specifications: 64GB of storage, 4GB of RAM and a Pentium 4415Y processor.

Even though the specs are a bit average, Microsoft insists that it worked with Intel to optimize the software for CPU, meaning that it works better with Windows and Microsoft Office.

Even though it may not fully satisfy the needs of those who need Photoshop, the Microsoft Surface Go can be a really good choice for students and people who use it more lightly.