Tanzania: no political discrimination, PM claims

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa stated that the government does not discriminate students who support the opposition parties

If following regulations and procedures, Tanzanians are not politically discriminated, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa claims.

“Workers are allowed to join any political party but they are not allowed to conduct politics at the work place. The same goes for students. They are not allowed to conduct politics during lessons, so they and others can concentrate on their lessons. Differences might emerge between two students from different political parties that has nothing to do with the government. I want to urge you political leaders, don’t take such difference as government’s position, instead we must look at it as we would see difference emerged between two traders from different political parties,” Mr Majaliwa explained in an interview.

The Prime Minister also reassured its people that the officials in the country serve all Tanzanians regardless of their political views and affiliations and that there was no governmental directive to discriminate supporters of the opposition.