“The Tougher, the Better” – Trump Administration’s New Travel Ban

The Trump Administration announced on Sunday that it is going to replace the travel ban with a new one that bars visitors from eight countries

The new proclamation bars all visitors from eight countries because they are not doing enough to block terrorists from reaching the United States.

The restrictions against Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen stand, while restrictions for Chad, North Korea and Venezuela are added to the list. Starting with 18th of October, the visitors from these eight countries are not allowed to enter the country. However, in the case of Venezuela, the restrictions apply to the nation’s government officials and their immediate relatives.

“The travel ban: The tougher, the better,” President Donald Trump told reporters in Washington Sunday.

The proclamation was signed on Sunday and can have a substantial impact on Atlanta, which is the home to the world’s busiest airport, as well as businesses and universities that have international connections. The Atlanta region has become a magnet for tourists and immigrants due to the affordable housing and the high number of jobs.

The situation is being closely monitored at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, according to the officials.

Source: ajc.com