United Express Plane Caught Fire After Safely Landing at Denver Airport

Passengers were evacuated soon after landing at Denver International Airport after the left engine caught fire

The flight’s passengers were heading from Aspen to Denver. Soon after landing, the left engine caught fire, forcing everyone to evacuate and installing panic.

Fortunately, the airport’s staff reacted fast and made sure everyone got off safe. Moreover, The pilot and co-pilot also helped the passengers reach a safe place.

Fortunately, there were no injuries reported. Social media has documented the terrifying moments for more than 60 people on board.

“The passengers were actually taken on a bus back to the concourse. Part of what we do, is we assist the airlines in getting the passengers back to a safe place.” airport spokesperson Heath Montgomery said

Social media networks soon got filled with photos of the scene. The SkyWest Airlines plane, which is under United Express, reported engine trouble soon after landing in Denver.

A SkyWest Airlines representative said that 59 passengers along with four crew members escaped without injury.

First persons to respond to the fire mobilized to assist and put it out. The cause of the fire is believed to have something to do with the engine, as the fire started while on the ground, according to SkyWest Airlines.

“They very quickly reacted,” Montgomery said. “They … extinguished what they found to be a fire in the rear section of the aircraft.”

Videos posted on social media showed people using foam to extinguish the flames. A passenger tweeted a video, writing: “Quick and immediate response on runway. Huge thanks to the pilot and crew for helping get passengers off safe.”

By late afternoon, the plane was already taken to a DIA hanger for investigation. Moreover, airport officials said that they also notified the NTSB.