Western Europe Is Experiencing Another Heatwave This Week

Western Europe Is Experiencing Another Heatwave This Week

Western Europe is facing yet another record-breaking heatwave in the same month

Temperatures of 41C were forecast in Paris but thermometers rose as much as 42.6C yesterday, while temperature records were broken for the second time in two days in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands peaking at 41.8C, 41.5C, 40.8C, and 40.7C respectively.

Meanwhile, the UK saw temperatures of up to 28.1C with trains running slower in order to stop rail tracks from buckling in the heat. UK’s national weather service stated yesterday:

“Climate change has increased the likelihood and severity of heatwave episodes across Europe.”

Authorities have launched a red alert in the Paris region and 19 other districts saying temperatures could reach 42-43C in some regions, with French media saying Wednesday night was probably the hottest ever recorded in France.

Due to the high temperatures, French officials have warned people to avoid traveling and to work from home if possible, while children’s nurseries have been closed. Meanwhile, French reports have suggested five deaths might be linked to the heatwave so far.

Climate change

Even though extreme weather events such as heatwaves might occur naturally, UK researchers show that due to climate change they will start becoming more common. Dr. Peter Stott from the UK Bureau Metropolitan stated that the latest heatwaves are the result of both “weather and climate acting in concert.

“What we have at the moment is this very warm stream of air, coming up from northern Africa, bringing with it unusually warm weather. But without climate change, we wouldn’t have hit the peaks that we’re hitting right now.”

Scientists are concerned that rapid warming linked to use of fossil fuels has serious implications for the stability of the planet.

Source: bbc.com