Woman in South Carolina Shoots Inmate to Death

An inmate who broke into a woman’s house in South Carolina got shot to his death in a robbery attempt

SOUTH CAROLINA – An escaped inmate broke into a house and got shot to his death by the owner of the house, a woman who was alone at the moment of the incident.

On Tuesday morning, the woman was alone in her home when Bruce Webb McLaughlin Jr., aged 30, broke into her house by kicking in her back door, according to Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark. The inmate was armed with a knife and was wearing an orange jumpsuit.

The reaction of the woman left everyone speechless: she found the inmate outside her bedroom door and immediately shot him once in the head. She then called the police to report she had shot an intruder and McLaughlin was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced deceased.

Apparently, the inmate escaped Pickens County Prison with another man, Timothy Cleveland Dill, aged 32, on Tuesday morning. The 2 inmates assaulted 2 detention officers and locked them in a room. After that, they escaped prison by climbing over a fence.

Dill was shortly captured and charged with kidnapping assault, robbery and escape. According to his records, he was being held on charges of sexual conduct with a minor.

On the other hand, McLaughlin had a criminal record that dated back to 2006, but was most recently charged with burglary and grand larceny charges.