200.000 Uber users have deleted the app due to social media hashtag

The popular #DeleteUber trend started on Twitter led to significant loss for the the ride-sharing startup

According to the New York Times, after people protesting President Donald Trump’s executive immigration order joined together in front of the John F. Kennedy International Airport, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance announced its non compliance to serve the JFK hub, in solidarity with people criticizing the Presidential decision.
At the same time, Uber tweeted that it had canceled its dynamic fees in order for the protesters to have a ride home. Many customers interpreted the announcement as solidarity with the controversial travel ban.
As a result, more than 200.000 Uber ride-sharing users have deleted their accounts and gave up the company’s services. Nevertheless, the Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has stated on Wednesday night that he is leaving his position in the President Trump’s economic advisory committee.
Similarly, many brands considered to be supporters of President Trump’s actions have been negatively affected by social media, as people are not willing to buy their products or use their services anymore. In order to save their sales, many companies are starting to withdraw products connected or associated with the Trumps.