Apple’s Siri Breaks the News – “Siri’s Getting a Brand New Voice”

Siri started leaking information regarding the upcoming WWDC event – the virtual assistant is getting a new voice

If you own an iPad or iPhone, you might soon receive a surprise while talking to Siri, as she might sound different. You can even ask it yourself about this year’s event, and it will respond:

“La la la, Siri is getting a brand new voice”

Even more, it will also have a new “home” pretty soon, and this information will also be released at the WWDC event.

It is generally known that Siri is a little behind in comparison with its competitors, Google Assistant and Alexa, and this little catch-up comes just at the right time. It follows both Google Assistant and Alexa, as they have both recently announced that they will be getting new voices.

Even more, perhaps the “La la la” response from Siri hints that it will too have a famous voice, just like Google Assistant does (John Legend).

Regarding the new “home goes,” there are some sketchy reports that Apple is going to unveil a $199 Beats-branded HomePod.

Even so, better, new voices for virtual assistants is a good thing and given the fact that almost everyone loves everything that Apple releases. People may even drool over the fabulous voice that Siri will be receiving. We can only wait for the WWDC event and see for ourselves.