Bucharest faced violent confrontations

Incidents between ultras and the gendarmes took place in Victoria Square, Bucharest, Romania

With the attempts of the Romanian government to reform the criminal law, the country’s citizens have organized the largest protests since the revolution in 1989.

The manifestation on Wednesday ended with fights between violent football supporters and the military police force when 40 hooded man started throwing firecrackers, ice and smoke bombs at the Government’s building guards.

As a result, the gendarmes isolated the instigators and managed to end the conflict after hours of confrontations. The rest of 150.000 people were protesting protesting peacefully until this incident, as the protest in Bucharest has been silent since its beginning last week. At the end of the evening the square was cleared.

Four people were injured during the violent clashes in Victoria Square.

More than 300.000 people are expected on the streets of Bucharest in the days to come and up to 500.000 in the entire country.