The app that helps you block politics on social media

If not a politics enthusiast, you can set up apps that hide all political news on the Facebook platform

Anyone using Chrome browser can now install the Remove All Politics from Facebook extension and turn it on and off, in order to be able to read or block all news connected to political subjects on the social media platform.

Despite the app can not be customized, user reviews are positive, as people are starting to feel harassed by all the political turmoil worldwide. With the latest apps, any Facebook user can decide what to see and what not to see on his news-feed.

Social Fixer is another application that can be used. Compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox web browsers, Social Fixer can as well be customized according to each user’s preferences.

If blocking your feed in order to save time for other things you’re interested in on social media and to enjoy your favorite news, News Feed Eradication for Facebook can deliver this to you. You can personalize what appears on your screen and replace unwanted articles with a pleasant inspirational quote.

And finally, if you want to totally break away from social media, LeechBlock is an extension for Firefox, that can block you from domains, temporary or completely, in accordance to the time you want to spend scrolling through social media.