Customer Management is Now Easier with Artificial Intelligence

If a few years back cloud computing transformed customer management, artificial intelligence is now the next revolutionizing step

Artificial intelligence helps businesses automate customer outreach and use the available data in the most efficient way. Underneath the surface of the generated data, hide tremendous business and sales opportunities. However, the problem is that there is currently more information available than human resources and tools to handle it.

However, making sense of both structured and unstructured data is something that artificial intelligence is becoming more and more proficient at. Even though we are decades away from human-like sunthetic intelligence that will be able to match the human brain in decision making and reasoning, artificial intelligence proves itself to be the best complement for human activity.

Artificial intelligence tools are now helping businesses to scale the efforts of sales teams by obtaining patterns from data, finding successful courses of action, and taking care of the bulk of the work when it comes to addressing customer needs.

AI-Powered Customer Relationship Management Suites

Lately, main providers of CRM solutions have started to invest in AI. Last year, the SalesForce announced Einsten: the AI assistant that will be omnipresent across its platform. It puts its AI chops to work to continuously study the flood of data that SalesForce collect from sales, e-commerce activities, emails and social media. Furthermore, the AI engine will make suggestions across different cases. For example, it help sales representatives focus on the most promising leads based on engagement data analysis. Or, it gives advice on when to trigger email campaigns.

SAP, another competitor in the field, is joining, too, by adding AI functionalities to its cloud. The features will give automated insights into the business data that the system collects. It includes monitoring accounts or preparing lists of top vendors based on their pricing, past performance and ability to deliver.

Last but not least, Oracle also declared the addition of the Adaptive Intelligence. It implies a series of add-on apps that integrate with its cloud suite. They combine third-party data with real-time analytics to optimize decisions and recommendations in different domains. For instance, it merges data from the company’s cloud and the Oracle Data Cloud in order to extract contextual insights into individual customer behaviors, further providing personalized offers.

Lead generation platform Growbots uses machine learning algorithms to automate the process and marketing campaigns. The platform uses algorithms to scan websites and gather available information, and enrich its database of profiles about people and businesses.

Solutions like these can be highly beneficial to salespersons who are under constant pressure to meet certain quotas. With help from the AI-powered tools, sales teams can focus on their efforts to better serve their clients and improve themselves.

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