Focus groups set by U.S. and Nigeria

The two state officials will address security, economy and corruption issues as agreed after meetings at the State Department this week
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari are set to meet at the State Department and discuss the topics of the two-day nuclear security summit held in Washington. The gathering is a part of the African leader four day visit to the U.S.
Security concerns over the Boko Haram insurgency, as well as oil prices and economy will be the main subjects of the meeting.

The United States aims to help Nigeria manage the Boko Haram group, who has repeatedly declared its commitment to the Islamic State.

During last months, the U.S. military experts have trained Nigeria’s security forces in order to improve the security strategy against the jihadist militants.

According to John Kerry’s statement, respecting human rights is always a priority, regardless the goal of the tactical mission.

“Under President Buhari, Nigeria has been taking the fight to Boko Haram and it has reduced Boko Haram’s capacity to launch full-scale attacks. However, the group still remains a threat, a serious threat, to the entire region. Now, I want to be clear, this aid is predicated on the understanding that, even when countering a group as ruthless as Boko Haram, security forces have a duty to set the standard with respect to human rights,” Kerry declared.

Speaking about the economy, Kerry said the United States is willing to consider investments in Nigeria, if proper environment is created by the authorities.

The rigid Nigerian foreign exchange rate and the country’s situation after the drop of global oil prices issues will be raised during future meetings between the two officials.