Google’s project generates poetry written by AI

Google’s artificial intelligence project capable of writing simple, yet dramatic poetry

Google’s neuronal network learning the art of conversation also managed to write poems, after being fed thousands of literature books.

The project’s engineers noticed that RNNLM (recurrent neural network language model) is capable of generating complete and coherent sentences, structured in poems. Apart from building sentences, the model is also used within machine translation and image captioning.

Despite sentences making grammatical sense, maintaining the theme of the poems seems to be the difficult part for RNNLM. After reading thousands of romance novels, the machine is not quite a poet, but its dramatic attempts are worth mentioning.

Readers can enjoy the bot’s efforts below:

he was silent for a long moment.
he was silent for a moment.
it was quiet for a moment.
it was dark and cold.
there was a pause.
it was my turn.

this was the only way.
it was the only way.
it was her turn to blink.
it was hard to tell.
it was time to move on.
he had to do it again.
they all looked at each other.
they all turned to look back.
they both turned to face him.
they both turned and walked away.

The AI project is currently being developed by Google in collaboration with Stanford University and University of Massachusetts in the US.