Hunger in Venezuela – desperate measures for starving people

The political and economic collapse of the country led to dire ways to combat extreme hunger of the citizens

Try to preserve food waste so that people who eat out of garbage cans can praise the Lord,” Catholic Father Jose Palmar desperately urged.

Food shortages in the country have triggered religious leaders to ask population to separate and label the food they waste so that people scavenging in garbage cans find something to eat “with dignity”.

Three quarters of Venezuela’s citizens have lost significant weight due to lack of food since 2016, as the general situation is getting worse. The current economic break-down is the result of decades of government mismanagements that blocked foreign investments and nationalized main industries.

Former President Hugo Chavez is the one held responsible for the chocked political and economical status nowadays, as his decisions led to drops in oil prices, one of the country’s most important revenue source. Current President Nicolás Maduro Moros is not doing any better either. Its policy fueled another political crisis during the last year and attracted sanctions from the US administration to its regime, due to involvement in drug trafficking.