When politics and comedy combine

With a righteous purpose to raise money for charity, “Hexagon” satire programme in Washington DC launches a new show

From tap dancing, to singing and performing, Hexagon has it all. And it’s been entertaining its viewers for 62 years now.

We take political spoofs, original material and we adapt it to what’s going on in the present world. We laugh at everything and everybody,” declared Gene Tighe from the Hexagon team, as an entire show is build around political events nowadays.

The show this year, called “Let Freedom Zing!”, will be set to raise funds for the Silver Spring nonprofit named ArtStream helping people with disabilities develop their artistic talents. During 2016, the Hexagon events provided $60,000 to the Lisner Louise Dickson Hurt Home charity for seniors.

Performances will be hosted by Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, D.C., from March 17 until April 1st. For tickets and schedule, visit the on-line Hexagon website.