Iran to Distribute Water from Persian Gulf to Dry Provinces in South Iran

The southern provinces of Iran were constantly hit from draught and lack of water supply as the areas such as Hormozgan and Fars always lacked water resources. But this problem has now been addressed to by the Government of Iran. The previous complaints made by citizens to local authorities were of no use.

The Islamic Government in Iran has now stepped in and is planning on a project to supply water to the Southern provinces for the livelihood of people from the Persian Gulf. This would greatly benefit the people residing in Southern Provinces as they would not have to face water shortage. Majid Namjoo, the Energy Minister of Iran, also gave a confirmation about this project.

As per Majid Namjoo, this water supply project will go on the floors in the span of a month or two and within one or two years, the first phase of this project to supply water is expected to be completed. The Government of Iran has also set aside a massive $400 million for this project under the fifth national development plan.

The project is to be carried out in collaboration with other private companies and they would commence working on this project from next month. In order to ensure that there would not be any hurdles in the way of the project, Majid Namjoo said that they have obtained all the necessary clearances and approvals from the related national and international communities.

Previously, the Government of Iran was considering the transfer of water from Caspian Sea to the Southern Provinces. However, they could not go ahead with the plan as the other countries surrounding it protested against this move by the Islamic Republic. This time, no countries are objecting the water transfer plan from Persian Gulf to other provinces located in the South.

The situation in Southern provinces of Iran is pathetic, as nearly 20 million people lack access to potable water. There are several steps and projects actively being undertaken by the Islamic Republic of Iran to mitigate the scarcity of potable water in Iran.