Lopez Obrador Wins Mexico’s Presidential Election

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is officially the president of Mexico and represents the agent of change

The newly elected president is estimated to have gathered over 53% of the vote, which is more than double the total of his closest rival.

“Today, they have recognized our victory,” Lopez Obrador said in front of a crowd of jubilant supporters

President Enrique Pena Nieto congratulated him shortly after the victory and promised to help him carry out an orderly transition. Lopez Obrador will officially take power on December 1st.

The new president has dominated the polls this Sunday, at times holding a 20-point lead over his competitors. Moreover, 2 hours before the closing of the polls, 3 of his most important rivals conceded defeat.

In his speech, Lopez Obrador said that he would forge a new relationship with the US: “rooted in mutual respect and in defense of our migrant countrymen who work and live honestly in that country.”

He further added that migration should be done by choice and not due to necessity, therefore promising to “strengthen the internal market to try to produce in the country what we consume and so that Mexicans can work and be happy where they were born, where their family is, where their customs and their cultures are.”

In addition to this, the President-elect promised to both wipe out corruption and tackle violence, which he said was the “result of a political regime in decay.”

“We are absolutely certain that this evil is the principle cause of social inequality and of economic inequality,” he said. “Because of corruption, violence has erupted in our country.”

Even President Donald Trump congratulated the new President through a tweet: “There is much to be done that will benefit both the United States and Mexico.”

Source: cnn.com