No Involvement of Iran’s Military in Syria: Iranian Diplomat

Recently, the Ambassador of Iran to Russia, Seyyed Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi, spoke to a press conference and said that the Government of Iran is not planning to support the Syrian Movement in any form. Iran will not extend support to Syria either logistically, financially or give any military support to the revolution.

Syria boasts of a powerful army that is highly capable. Due to this, the Government of Iran has abstained itself from sending across any type of soldiers, secret agents or intelligence services to Syria. The recent accusations made by various governments that the Government of Iran is supporting Bashar al-Assad does not hold any weightage and Sajjadi rubbished all the accusations.

The Army of Syria has already captures 37 soldiers belonging to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, abbreviated for IRGC, as they were fighting and supporting the Syrian movement. Also, they went on to identify the nationalities of the IRGC soldiers. Iran is now actively trying alongside Qatar and Turkey to get their soldiers back from the captivity of Syrian Army.

Also, the government of Iran is of the realization that the Syrian Government has a vast stockpile of weapons and arms and is in no need of weaponry from the Government of Iran. Sajjadi said that they are self-sufficient and with the weaponry they possess, they can easily fight and defend themselves against all the threats that arise.

He also went on to speak about the involvement of extremist militancy groups in Syria. The Hezbollah from Lebanon did not intend to fight in the Syrian war. However, due to the activities of insurgents off late, Hezbollah also decided to join the Syrian army and fight against the insurgents actively.

Due to the nuclear policy of Iran, Israel is showing displeasure increasingly and as a result, Iran went ahead to support Syria. Syria and Iran apparently work together in providing weapons to the Hezbollah located in Lebanon to fight against Israel. Iran is also blamed by the United States for fighting against the Syrian Government by sending across and training rebels.