50% of Drug Addicts in Iran Fall in Age Category Below 29 Years

Iran has emerged to be one of the largest hub for narcotics in the world. Iran has one of the largest number of drug addicts who are young. Recently, Iran’s Drug Control Headquarters released the statistics regarding drug addicts. It was a shocking revelation that the average age of drug addicts has now come down to 21 years from the previous 23.5.

When an age-wise break up was studied related to drug addicts, it was found that nearly 50% of the drug addicts were below the age of 29 years, whereas people aged between 30-39 years constituted for 30% of the drug addicts.

The DCHQ of Iran is being administered by the Police of Iran. DHCQ had carried out a similar survey related to drug addicts six years ago. However, the results found now are shocking and there has been a surge in the number of drug addicts in the past six years. As of now, the number of drug addicts in Iran stand at 1,325,000.

In the survey conducted previously, the total number of drug addicts were less than 1,200,000 in Iran. As per the findings of the study, the major reason for this surge is the availability of narcotics at a much cheaper rate when compared to the previous rates. This is due to the popularity of modern cheap narcotics such as crystal, which can be found easily.

Iran is now focusing on all possible ways to deal with the drug abuse problem it currently faces. The number of habitual drug abusers in Iran is now estimated to be anywhere between one to three million. Also, a shocking 130,000 people in Iran are newly getting addicted to drugs each year. Going at this rate, there will be a major populace who would be subject to drug abuse.

The police of Iran have claimed that nearly 2.75% of its citizens are addicted to drugs. Iran’s State Welfare Organization is now trying to create public awareness about the risks involved in illegal drugs so that the number of drug addicts drop.