PM David Cameron warns over Brexit deal

According to the Prime Minister’s opinion, if Britain votes to leave the EU, Europe risks World War Three

As the EU awaits the vote next month, PM David Cameron stated that peace on the continent cannot be guaranteed “beyond any shadow of doubt”.

“For good or ill, we have written Europe’s history just as Europe has helped to write ours,” Cameron added. His opinion was backed up by a powerful video message featuring Second World War veterans powered by the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign.

A Vote Leave spokesman counteracted the Prime Minister’s message to the world and commented: “Claims that leaving the EU and taking back control would somehow lead to war smack of desperation from a campaign failing to make the case for the EU and our continued payment of £350 million to Brussels every week. The PM’s words are deeply ironic given the EU’s own border agency says the EU’s borderless policy is making the whole of Europe less safe. The safe option is to vote Leave.”

The referendum on June 23 is considered to be a moment that will significantly affect the European history.