Russia accuses Europe for irresponsible policy

PM Dmitry Medvedev stated that Europe is fracturing due to irresponsible migrant crisis policy
According to the Russian PM, the worsening situation of Europe regarding latest refugee crisis cannot pass unobserved by his country. The Russian official considers politicians in Europe to be “irresponsible” due to the way they are managing the migrants.

“I was there not very long ago. I show up there not very often by virtue of the well-known reasons. All European politicians I talked to at the Munich forum confessed, looking down at the floor: ‘Yes we failed.’ In reality, the European politicians and the EU leadership displayed irresponsible behavior. This is a huge burden. The people who have fled the war went to Europe go get benefits. The result is that the traditional lifestyle in Europe is falling apart, and this is a very dangerous phenomenon. I say once again that we cannot be indifferent to this,” Medvedev commented.

The Russian prime minister also stated that his country understood very early what are the effects of uncontrolled migration and that the laws regarding this matter should be seriously reinforced.