The home secretary of UK gives striking speech

Theresa May stands for UK leaving the European court of human rights
In an unprecedented speech earlier today, home secretary Theresa May has called for the UK to leave the European court of human rights.

After deliberating on her position, Ms. May sustained a very convincing speech on the European convention on human rights, security issues and cooperation within the EU.

According to her opinion, Britain should leave the European court of human rights and Turkey should not join EU.

Presenting both pros and cons, Ms. May stated that Britain is safer inside the European Union, if officials consider the numerous EU programmes for enhancing security cooperation.

“Outside the EU, for example, we would have no access to the European Arrest Warrant, which has allowed us to extradite more than 5,000 people from Britain to Europe in the last five years, and bring 675 suspected or convicted wanted individuals to Britain to face justice. It has been used to get terror suspects out of the country and bring terrorists back here to face justice. […] There are other advantages too. Take the Passenger Name Records Directive. This will give law enforcement agencies access to information about the movements of terrorists, organised criminals and victims of trafficking on flights between European countries and from all other countries to the EU “, she said.

Moreover, if Britain left the EU, there would be other disadvantages: “Inside the EU, without Britain, the balance of power in the council of ministers and European parliament would change for the worse. The liberal, free-trading countries would find themselves far below the 35 per cent blocking threshold needed in the Council, while the countries that tend towards protectionism would have an even greater percentage of votes. There would be a very real danger that the EU heads in a protectionist direction, which would damage wider international trade and affect for the worse Britain’s future trade with the EU”, Ms. May added.

On the other hand, Ms. May underlined that in her view, the Union between England and Scotland is more valuable than UK’s loyalty for Brussels and that Scottish people should have their change to vote for independence.

In her speech this morning, the home secretary of UK addressed other important issues, such as the difference between the court of human rights in Strasbourg and the court of justice in Luxembourg, national security, national responsibility and the concept of sovereignty.