Tempe Beach Park – Security Concerns for 4th of July Celebrations

Thousands of people are preparing to celebrate 4th of July at Tempe Beach Park, while police officers are prioritizing their security

Tempe police expect somewhere around 40,000 people in the Tempe Beach Park area. People are expected to come for the fireworks and a very good time. Meanwhile, even though there are no threats, police made sure to heighten security, due to the fact that there are plenty of unfortunate incidents going on around the world.

“There’s going to be uniformed officers that you’ll be able to see and recognize and then there’ll be some you may not know that they’re there,” said Tempe Police Detective Lily Duran.

Even though Duran did not go into specifics, she mentioned that they will have “new tools” at their disposal. Moreover, they ask people to report anything or any person that they find suspicious.

“Because of everything that’s been going on, this is part of why we heighten security, why we’ve gotten new tools,” Duran said.

However, one of the biggest issues is making sure that everyone is staying hydrated. Authorities strongly recommend drinking as much water as possible.

At the Tempe Town Lake Festival this evening, people are allowed to bring one gallon of sealed water, along with a good disposition.

“This place is all about having a good time,” Duran said.