Afghanistan and Iran to Work Closely Due to Newly Established Ties: Ambassador of Afghanistan

Recently, the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Tehran, Nasir Ahmad Nour, has emphasized on the role played by Iran in the progress of Afghanistan off late. Iran and Afghanistan have continued to maintain friendly ties and thus, the Islamic Republic of Iran is actively aiding Afghanistan in its development projects.

Several reconstruction projects in Afghanistan are being taken up by the Islamic Republic of Iran and they are also cordial towards the citizens of Iran. Due to the increasing terrorist activities happening in Afghanistan, several citizens of Afghanistan relocated to Iran. The Government of Iran was glad to accommodate them and treat them with utmost importance.

As a part of the yearly ceremony, the Afghanistan Embassy in Iran celebrated the Independence Day of Afghanistan on 19th of August. The event saw the presence of several affluent diplomats and businessmen from Iran who celebrated the Independence Day along with other citizens of Afghanistan. The Government of Afghanistan is also keen on developing ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran and Afghanistan go way back in their ties. They have languages, cultures and history in common dating back to centuries and are thus, keen on developing ties. The new President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani has recently expressed keen interest in working towards better ties between Afghanistan and Iran and they have recently signed strategic partnership agreements.

When Hassan Rouhani took charge as the President of Iran, the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, was one among the very few leaders who were present at the ceremony. With better ties with Afghanistan, Iran is planning to reduce the influence United States has on Afghanistan. Thus, the Islamic Republic of Iran is helping Afghanistan to make progress in its economy to get rid of the United States influence.

Also, ever since Taliban went out of power in Afghanistan, the trade between Iran and Afghanistan has increased significantly. However, the late Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was in full support of the Taliban and Mujahideen in Afghanistan. The Government of Iran is now working closely with UNCHR to provide better facilities to the refugees from Afghanistan in Iran.