Iran Set to Help Turkmenistan with Expanding Infrastructures

Rashid Meredov, the Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan, recently said that the government of Turkmenistan is in talks with the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to improve the electricity scenario in Turkmenistan. In the present day conditions, Iran is the leader in the electricity industry as far as the Middle East region is considered.

Due to Iran’s advancement in the electricity sector, they have been successful in exporting electricity to other countries in its neighborhood such as Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Armenia and Pakistan. Rashid Meredov recently visited Tehran to hold meetings with the Energy Minister of Iran towards the development of electricity sector of Turkmenistan.

Rashid Meredov also said that Turkmenistan was successful in negotiating with the Islamic Republic of Iran to boost the electricity industry of Iran. Turkmenistan would be receiving support and consultation by experts from Iran in the electricity industry. Iran has expertise in the field of technology and analysis in the electricity industry. This would be put into use to enhance the electricity sector of Iran.

The Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan also emphasized on the significance the electricity partnership has for the development of Turkmenistan. He is of the belief that such partnerships with technologically advanced countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran would result in mutual benefit for both the nations and would help in the growth of Turkmenistan’s economy.

At the same time, Rashid Meredov invited private companies and businessmen from Iran to invest in the economy of Turkmenistan. He said that the government would be glad to welcome private companies from Iran. He said that investing in Turkmenistan would be a great opportunity for Iran, as they are currently facing sanctions imposed from western nations and a partnership with Turkmenistan would help them develop.

Iran has been an old friend of Turkmenistan. When Turkmenistan was liberated from the Soviet Union back in 1991, the relations between both the countries improved greatly and the Islamic Republic of Iran was the first country to officially recognize Turkmenistan as an independent country.