Iranian Diplomat Urges on Improved Communication with Saudi Arabia

As per the spokesperson in the Foreign Ministry of Iran, the President of Iran Hassan Rouhani is seeking to improve relationships at a diplomatic level with the Ruler of Saudi Arabia. This was said by Abbas Araghchi, the spokesperson and he said that this would be beneficial for both the Muslim dominant countries.

By making his stand about the diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia clear, Hassan Rouhani is looking forward to make progress in the relations between both the countries. Due to this, there would be development across all levels in both the nations, opined the spokesperson when he spoke in an interview held few days ago.

Due to the regional problems that have arose since the past few years, Iran and Saudi Arabia were not under good communication and due to this, there was no progress made between the two prominent Arab countries. However, when Iran was ruled by Ayatollah Akbar Rafsanjani, both the governments were successful in maintaining mutual cordial ties that had worked well towards the development.

He also highlighted the rift created by foreign countries between the two nations and how it has affected both the nations over the previous years. Due to this, Islamic leaders from both the nations were at dispute and this rift was exploited by leaders of foreign countries for their benefits. He went on to state that such conflicts must be avoided.

Also, people from Iran are not able to avail citizenships of other countries easily and the process is a rough one. He urged the external affairs ministries of other nations to be considerate and ensure that the process of obtaining residency permits to be made hassle free. Still, some countries do not wish to help Iran due to their controversial nuclear program.

The embassy of Iran is ensuring that no illegal immigration occurs and hence, are creating various advertisements and campaigns creating awareness about the problems faced due to illegal immigration. Due to this, they are planning to curb illegal immigration being done by the citizens to other countries instead of following the legal procedure.