Many Politicians had Participated Against Policies of Iran: Analyst

Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran, came up with a list of names that were ideal contenders for his cabinet. However, the Members of Parliament of Iran have the right to choose if they can fulfill and take command as the role of a minister or not in the Iran Government.

The popular figure in political circles of Iran, Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Mohammad Reza Aghamiri was of the impression that among the list of names proposed by the President Rouhani, several of them were against the elections during 2009-10 and had participated in the protests conducted against the election to be held. These politicians were said to be a part of the sedition movement.

Due to this, Aghamiri is of the opinion that they do not hold a chance to take charge as the ministers in Iran. As per him, the ministers were not acknowledging and participating in the elections to be held and hence, they do not have any right to be a part of the Government of Iran.

Hence, Aghamiri is of the recommendation that the resumes and previous deeds of the ministers are to be taken into account before the Members of Parliament of the Iran Government permit the list of names in Rouhani’s list to be members in the Cabinet of Iran. He said that the decision should be taken based on the best interests of the citizens of Iran.

Although there would be pressure on the MPs of Iran, Aghamiri said that they should act wisely. The President of Iran Hassan Rouhani is likely to drop a few names from the list he has recommended owing to the pressure put on him by political analysts and members of the opposition, but he would still be able to single handedly appoint them.

A political analyst from Iran, Ali Musazadeh was of the opinion that the President should go ahead with the original list and appoint the ministers. If other MPs disapprove the cabinet ministers, he should be convincing enough so that the same ministers are appointed and approved.