Iran requires social media data to be stored on country servers

Iran has ordered messaging apps to move its nationals data onto servers inside the country, while claiming security concerns

Despite Iran having one of the most limited policy regarding internet access in the world and does not allow popular social media platforms, users are able to access both Facebook and Twitter with help from available software programs.

Last week, Iran’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace urged social media companies to transfer all data of Iranian residents on the country’s servers. “Foreign messaging companies active in the country are required to transfer all data and activity linked to Iranian citizens into the country in order to ensure their continued activity,” the SCC stated, in base of the new regulations. The companies have one year to comply to the “guidelines and concerns of the supreme leader”, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The messaging app Telegram is particularly affected by the Council’s requirements, with the company owning private data of about 20 million accounts in Iran. Telegram users stated that if the new regulations will apply, they will stop using the service due to privacy as well as personal safety issues, after last November several admins on Telegram groups got arrested for spreading “immoral content”.